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„to me this is a feel-good-space…“

12. March 2018

by queer_topia

on monday 12.03.2018

16h to 21h

 f*c (Lange Gasse 11, 1080) in vienna

for W*L*I*N*T*

during this workshop we will talk about wlti*(womynlesbiantrans*inter*)-spaces. therefor we would like to take a closer look at the following questions: why are these spaces important for us? do we meet our own challenges to create spaces that break existing powerstructures? how can we face the rejections, these spaces produce? who can how easily access these spaces? how can we ease the access for inter*- and trans*-people? And how can we refine wlti*-spaces?

the workshop will be in german language (with the option to do wispered translation in english). the room is free of smoke during the workshop.

duration: 5 hours

registration per mail:

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